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The alumni, parents, and friends who help support our students each day are the heart and soul of this amazing institution. Many members of the Rensselaer community know from personal experience the transformative power of scholarships, and the role that financial aid plays to create a thriving, diverse campus. Thanks to scholarship funding, here are some of the remarkable individuals who enrich our university community.


Paul Lang ’67

“RPI helped give me the knowledge, people skills, and relationships to be successful. Once I reached a degree of success, I felt the responsibility to give back and take a risk on the next generation of students.” Continue Reading Paul Lang ’67

Curtis Headshot

Curtis Basa ’21

“A great education comes at a price. Right now, students are rich on potential, and donors are rich in capital. So I’m thankful that my Patroon Scholar donor Paul Lang found success and decided to make an investment in me, and I plan one day to invest in a scholarship for a future student.” Continue Reading Curtis Basa ’21


Greg Merrill ’17

“RPI has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m very happy with my decision to attend. And I would like to sincerely thank Paul Lang and all other scholarship donors for giving me this life-changing opportunity.” Continue Reading Greg Merrill ’17


Ryan Doherty ’13

“RPI was a big adjustment for me. I had to work to meet the challenge. My ability to manage a team and prioritize at Hasbro started at RPI.” Continue Reading Ryan Doherty ’13


John Hill Shaw III ’67

“I received a very fine education at RPI,” says Shaw, a 1967 graduate with a degree in electrical engineering. “This allowed me to have a good career, spend 20 years in Asia, and retire early at age 55.” Continue Reading John Hill Shaw III ’67


Peter Yan ’92

“My four years at Rensselaer were truly unforgettable and I loved my time spent in Troy, NY.  Continue Reading Peter Yan ’92


Dylan Taylor ’19

“I wouldn’t be at Rensselaer and working on Alzheimer’s research and on course to be a doctor without your gifts in support to my scholarship funds.”  Continue Reading Dylan Taylor ’19


Hannah Deen ’18

“Thank you to everyone who supports scholarships at RPI. You’ve allowed me to pursue my passions and ambitions.” Continue Reading Hannah Deen ’18

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