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Impact a student’s life today with a gift of scholarship

One of the most personal and lasting ways to make a difference in the lives of Rensselaer students is with a gift of scholarship. Support for scholarships helps keep a Rensselaer education accessible to each one of our talented students. By making this gift, you have a real hand in transforming the life of a student, who in turn, will help change the world.

The Rensselaer Annual Fund Scholars program provides opportunities for alumni, parents, and friends to support scholarship for multiple Rensselaer students. Through your support of this program, you will receive updates and stewardship on scholarship recipients.

With your help, Rensselaer will be able to meet full financial aid need, as a culturally diverse, top-tier technological research university with global reach and global impact.

Things for you to consider about the Rensselaer Annual Fund Scholars Program:

  • Direct Impact: This is a gift to students. This program provides financial aid and scholarship support directly to current Rensselaer students. This program is critical in allowing students of all backgrounds to follow their dreams, and to have access to a Rensselaer education.
  • Pay it Forward:  In appreciation of their Rensselaer education, alumni and alumnae have an opportunity to support the next generation of Rensselaer graduates.
  • Rensselaer Rankings: This is an important way to support and elevate the quality and rankings of the Institute. Rankings create reputation, reputation affects enrollment, and enrollment affects tuition revenue. Overall giving rates to all schools, including Rensselaer, are factored in national rankings. If we can raise the percentage of donors to Rensselaer by only a few percentage points, our national ranking will increase, and your degree and the degrees of today’s students, will be that much more valuable. Scholarship funding is crucial in attracting students to the school with competitive financial aid packages.

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