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Students are at the center of all we do at Rensselaer. As a Rensselaer parent, you see first-hand the impact a Rensselaer education has on your student, and the value of that education. The educational opportunities available to our students will serve them not only during their years at Rensselaer but throughout their careers.

The Rensselaer Annual Fund gives parents the opportunity to participate in the success of all Rensselaer students and in the entire university. When families—whether it is parents, grandparents, or other family members—make a gift in support of students, the impact of these gifts can be felt throughout our campus. You are part of a community of people not only committed to the success of your student, but to all students, and to Rensselaer.

Support Our Students

Your gift today to the Annual Fund will ensure that our current generation of students has the resources available to graduate and change the world alongside so many of our community who are contributing to the global efforts in fighting COVID-19.

The Society of Families

Since 1824, Rensselaer has been dedicated to instructing our students in “the application of science to the common purposes of life.” Our historic mission and our core academic strengths are what make a Rensselaer education so relevant today.

Gifts to the Rensselaer Annual Fund are essential to this mission. Each year more than 1,400 families of Rensselaer students support the Rensselaer Annual Fund. These dollars directly impact your student’s time on campus.

Your annual gift of $2,500 or more to the Rensselaer Annual Fund qualifies you for membership in the Society of Families, and gives you a stake in the future of our students and in the future of Rensselaer. To learn about how you can honor your student with a lasting mark on campus, visit our ECAV paver page.

Please join us and make a difference today. Membership in the Society of Families provides the opportunity to connect with faculty, campus leaders, and other parents at special receptions and events.

Parent Leadership Committee

Parents and families who contribute financially to Rensselaer, at the highest levels beyond tuition dollars, assist in paving the way for their own sons and daughters — and students like them — to change the world in transformative ways.

The Society of Families Parent Leadership Committee is a group of philanthropically-minded families who want to stay connected through philanthropy and volunteerism. Members of this group make a four-year commitment of $5,000 per year ($20,000 total) to join this elite group. Parent Leadership Committee members serve as Rensselaer ambassadors, representing parents and families at virtual and in-person events, and interacting with other parents, students, faculty, and staff, to experience what makes a Rensselaer education exceptional.

Role and Benefits of Membership

During the four or five years your son or daughter is at Rensselaer, you will be asked to:

  • Serve as a parent ambassador working with other families and campus leadership to enhance parent and family engagement and support student recruitment strategies and initiatives
  • Attend three meetings a year with campus leaders to become updated about campus issues
  • Promote awareness of Rensselaer and its exceptional people, programs, platforms, and partnerships
  • Support initiatives and events for our capital campaign, Transformative: Campaign for Global Change

In addition, Parent Leadership Committee members receive an engraved ECAV paver to honor your son or daughter’s educational experience. You will also enjoy special seating arrangements and additional tickets for your child’s commencement.

Parent Leadership Committee Members 2020-2021

Sarah Weinstein Dennison P’24 and Timothy Dennison P’24
New York, NY

David Hammarstrom P’22
New York, NY

Tom and Elizabeth Howley P’24
Houston, TX

Jim Humelsine P’21 and Mary Kubli P’21
Neptune, NJ

Bob and Karen May P’20, P’22
Lemoyne, PA

Anant and Hema Nambiar P’23
Larchmont, NY

Natalie Walters-Casey P’21 and Brian Casey P’21
Burien, WA

Darleen Yaplee P’21 and Don Jackson P’21
Palo Alto, CA

Should you need assistance planning your gift to support Rensselaer, please contact:

Paula Tabor
Advancement Officer

Areas to Support

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we continue to provide exceptional support and a safe environment for our students during this period of uncertainty. Over the past few weeks, we have assisted our students with unexpected expenses such as travel, lodging, storage of personal items, and technology essential for remote learning. We also continue to ensure that scholarship and other financial resources are available.

This assistance is a result of generosity from donors like you who give to the Annual Fund throughout the year.

Your help is needed – now more than ever – as we continue to prepare our students to join the global network of successful alumni and alumnae after completing their education.

Rensselaer Annual Fund

The Rensselaer Annual Fund helps to provide a world-class educational experience to our students, helping to prepare them to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

Greek Life Scholarship Fund

Rensselaer fraternities and sororities contribute to many of the Institute’s proud traditions. The values and ideals of the Rensselaer Greek community are integral in maintaining an environment conducive to a successful collegiate fraternal experience.

Rensselaer Diversity Initiative Fund

The Rensselaer Diversity Initiative Fund allows the Rensselaer Admissions team to provide visitation and continued recruitment opportunities for diverse populations of prospective students.

School Funds

You spent your years at Rensselaer focused on a particular field. Why not show your pride and excitement by giving back in support of the school you graduated from?

The Rensselaer COVID-19 Testing Initiative Fund

The Rensselaer COVID-19 Testing Center Fund will support efforts to keep our community safe and will contribute toward an unprecedented effort in the history of Rensselaer.

Annual Fund Scholars Program

One of the most personal and lasting ways to make a difference in the lives of Rensselaer students is with a gift of scholarship.

Annual Fund Assistance Grant

The Rensselaer Annual Fund Assistance Grant was established to provide emergency financial aid to an upperclassman with financial hardship.

Undergraduate Student Relief Fund

The Student Relief Fund is an emergency fund for Rensselaer students who face financial hardship that threatens their academic progress during their time at Rensselaer.

Graduate Student Relief Fund

The Graduate Student Relief Fund is an emergency fund for Rensselaer graduate students who face financial hardship that threatens their academic progress during their time at Rensselaer.

How Your Gift Makes an Impact

The CARES Act Charitable Giving Incentives

To encourage more charitable giving in 2020, the recently enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) provides some additional tax relief for donors.

Additional Resources For Parents


COVID-19 resources page
(includes communications, updates, and key info)


The Arch at Rensselear


Family Weekend

“Joining the Society of Families is our pleasure and honor. Our family truly appreciates what RPI has done for me. We want to say thank you to RPI and all the faculty and staff here.”

Guanyu (Gary) Chen P'17

“As a legacy family, we are happy to become a society of family’s member. It is a great pleasure to help contributing to my Alma Mater Rensselaer, as well as connecting students to IBM, where I have worked for 39 years.”

Dr. Barry Edward Willner '72,'73,'75 PhD Sci. P'17

It is a privilege to join the Rensselaer Parent Leadership Council, a group of truly engaged parents. My child is benefiting significantly through the network of Rensselaer’s leadership team and industry connections.

Jiaping Liu - Parent Leadership Council P'19
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