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Students are more than our first priority—they are the reason we exist. To attract and retain the smartest and most promising candidates, Rensselaer must have the financial resources to compete with other top-tier universities, including those able to meet the full financial need of students. Increasing access and enhancing the student experience requires us to bridge the gap in available financial aid.

We recognize that bright young men and women come from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds the world over. Attracting these talented applicants, regardless of financial need, is integral to creating a richer and more rewarding educational experience. Scholarships create life-changing opportunities for deserving students to focus on their education with all the energy and attention such a transformative endeavor deserves.

We educate our students to be intellectually agile, multiculturally sophisticated, and globally focused, and prepare them to confidently address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Scholarships alleviate the constraints of excessive debt, empowering our graduates to take risks and pursue dreams that have the potential to reward us all. Help our students change the world.

Ways to support students at Rensselaer

Rensselaer Annual Fund

The Rensselaer Annual Fund helps to provide a world-class educational experience to our students, helping to prepare them to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

The Rensselaer COVID-19 Testing Initiative Fund

The Rensselaer COVID-19 Testing Center Fund will support efforts to keep our community safe and will contribute toward an unprecedented effort in the history of Rensselaer.

Undergraduate Student Relief Fund

The Student Relief Fund is an emergency fund for Rensselaer students who face financial hardship that threatens their academic progress during their time at Rensselaer.

Graduate Student Relief Fund

The Graduate Student Relief Fund is an emergency fund for Rensselaer graduate students who face financial hardship that threatens their academic progress during their time at Rensselaer.

Senior Class Giving

Giving back is a time-honored tradition at Rensselaer, culminating in the class gift during senior year.

The Endowment

Gifts to the Rensselaer endowment secure the university’s future in the long term, and in the more immediate future, speed us toward full implementation of The Rensselaer Plan 2024.


One of the most personal and lasting ways to make a difference in the lives of Rensselaer students is with a gift of scholarship support.


A cornerstone of the student experience, athletics at Rensselaer currently athletics engages over 80% of our undergraduate students in an array of intramurals, club sports, and varsity team sports.

Academics and Research

Under The Rensselaer Plan, research was invigorated by taking risks to achieve impact and moving into new domains of significance at the intersections of important disciplines.

Student Experience

As Rensselaer prepares to enter its third century, and it remains true to its mission of “applying science to the common purposes of life.” Becoming a fully-realized technological research institute is paramount as Rensselaer continues to pose the question “why not change the world?”

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