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The information below is designed to provide a brief summary of NCAA rules and regulations for representatives of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s interests.

As a multi-divisional NCAA institution that sponsors both NCAA Division I (men’s and women’s ice hockey) and NCAA Division III athletic programs, Rensselaer has aligned itself with the NCAA philosophy as it pertains to donors/boosters. Rensselaer is responsible for the control and conduct of the Athletics programs including being held accountable for the acts of all individuals that have been identified as athletics representatives of the institution. The following information should be viewed as a guide to the general understanding of NCAA rules, and is not all inclusive due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of NCAA rules and regulations. Violations of NCAA legislation by athletic representatives can result in the loss of a student-athlete’s athletic eligibility or disciplinary action against Rensselaer.

For more information about the role of boosters and permissible/impermissible activities, please visit

If you are not certain about a NCAA rule, please do not hesitate to contact the RPI Athletics Department or Compliance Office before proceeding.

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