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Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds that have been held for one or more years can be great tax savers for donors since the capital gain tax on unrealized appreciation is waived. The full fair market value of gifts of long-term securities or real estate is tax deductible up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income. Any amount over the 30% maximum can be carried over for five years.

Please contact Gift Planning for information on gifting securities that are traded on foreign exchanges.

Stock Certificate or Bond

Send two envelopes to the contact person below, containing the following items:

    • Envelope 1: unsigned stock certificate or bond and a letter of instruction including your name, phone number, name and number of shares/certificates to be donated, and gift designation.
    • Envelope 2: signed stock/bond power form and a copy of the letter of instruction. The stock/bond power requires a medallion guaranteed signature. The best place to obtain a signature guarantee is at your local bank, brokerage firm, or insurance agency.

Please be sure to include the following information in your letter of instruction:

    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Name and number of shares/certificates to be donated
    • Gift designation

Wire Transfer

Inform your broker/banker of your intention in writing (number of shares/certificates and gift designation) and give them the following instructions:

    • DTC-Eligible Securities (which include corporate equities and corporate debt and asset-backed assets)
      The Northern Trust Company
      Trust Department
      DTC No. 2669
      Reference: 26-32244, RPI Current Operating Gifts
    • FED (or FRB) Eligible Securities (which include U.S. government debit, Agency-backed debit or pooled mortgaged-backed assets, i.e. FHLMC, FNMA, & GNMA)
      Northern Chgo/Trust
      Reference: 26-32244, RPI Current Operating Gifts
      (ROUTING: #07 1000 152)

Rensselaer’s Tax ID #: 14-1340095

Send a copy of your letter to the contact person listed below including your brokers name, address and phone number and when we can expect your stock/bond.

Split Certificates

Rensselaer is willing to split certificates. To do so, we must have your social security number and instructions from you.

Mutual Fund Shares

These transactions require us to work with the mutual fund firm to establish an account in the name of Rensselaer. You, then, instruct the shares to be transferred from your account to Rensselaer’s account. This process (establishment of the Rensselaer account; release of Rensselaer instruction to donor/advisor; donor authorization; and mutual fund company trade execution) may take 2 – 3 weeks. Additional delays may be experienced if your funds are held in a brokerage account.

Due to these multiple steps required for the mutual fund gifting process and holiday trading interruptions, we request calendar year-end mutual fund gift transactions be submitted to Rensselaer ten business days prior to December 31st.

Please contact Jordan Legrett to facilitate the transfer.

Income Producing Gifts

Please contact Rensselaer’s Office of Gift Planning to fund an income-producing gift with stock.

If you have questions on the stock transfer, please contact:

Jordan Legrett


Important: Donors are legally responsible for establishing the date of their gift for tax purposes. In general, it is the postmark date if mailed or the date received if transferred electronically.

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