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Dr. John D. Bennett ’74, MD, FACC, FACP, has been a longstanding partner in preserving and promoting the health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff. As president and chief executive officer of the Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan Inc. (CDPHP), Bennett has championed health and wellness initiatives across campus in more ways than one.

To encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, CDPHP partnered with Rensselaer on the launch of the CDPHP Cycle! Access program, which gives students, staff, and faculty free memberships to the Capital Region’s bike-share program. Members of the staff and faculty community also participate in CDPHP’s annual Workforce Team Challenge event, which benefits local charities as well as its runners and walkers.

Additionally, employees who are CDPHP members benefit from an award-winning holistic health insurance plan committed to the health, safety, security, physical and mental well-being, and quality of life of the community it serves.

Bennett’s team at CDPHP and Rensselaer faculty have also joined forces in a research initiative to better understand the best approaches to identify at-risk patients, and develop strategies that will improve their health. Using artificial intelligence and a “cadre” modeling technique, the team is able to distinguish high-needs patients and why some people respond well to treatments while others do not. The findings will offer physicians an explanation for why certain patients may continue to face health challenges and point to interventions and services that will improve their health.

“Universities are highly complex institutions,” said Bennett at President Jackson’s 20th anniversary celebration last October. “They serve an array of communities and stakeholders; their missions are multifaceted; and the call to be flexible and adapt to change in a complex global environment is continuous. CDPHP is incredibly grateful to not only support this campus with the highest level of health care, but we are thankful to call Rensselaer a true partner.”

Bennett joined the Rensselaer Board of Trustees in March.

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