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The Rensselaer Industrial Affiliates Alliance (RIAA) is an Institute-wide enterprise that engages a broad spectrum of the Rensselaer portfolio to strengthen the university’s relationships with corporations across an array of sectors.

Under the umbrella of RIAA, the Institute has partnered with corporations to establish Industrial Affiliate Programs (IAPs) within the Office of Research, School of Engineering, Lally School of Management, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, School of Science, and the Office of Student Life.

Rensselaer’s IAPs facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with academia and industry, solidifying bonds between the Institute and local, national, and international corporations. Each Industrial Affiliate Program (IAP) is designed to effectively align corporate priorities with the Institute’s strategic initiatives.

Faculty, researchers, and students receive insight into the goals, challenges, and opportunities facing respective industries. In turn, participating affiliate partners receive access to relevant interdisciplinary programs and department projects through structured interaction with researchers, faculty, and students.

Beyond the labs and classrooms, affiliate partners are also invited to participate in a broad range of ongoing academic and social campus activities, from annual meetings and symposia to student and alumni events and programming.

Corporate members of the Rensselaer Industrial Affiliates Alliance are currently participating in IAPs in the following areas:

  • Biolotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Computer Science
  • Data Exploration and Application
  • Data Science Research
  • Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
  • Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems
  • Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering
  • Supply Networks and Analytics

Sample of RIAA Member Benefits

The Office of Corporate Relations works directly with corporations interested in joining RIAA to tailor membership benefits to their respective interests and needs.

Assigned Faculty Liaison

Affiliate partners are assigned a faculty liaison who will help to identify and facilitate potential engagement opportunities, including student recruitment and research.

Visibility to Students and Faculty

In addition to Institute-wide opportunities for exposure and recognition, affiliate partners gain visibility through a variety of media, including departmental listings, websites, and event signage specifically targeted to the core audiences associated with their respective program.

Facilitated Student Access

Early and continuous student access and engagement is critical to successful recruiting. Affiliate partners have numerous opportunities to interact with students outside of the traditional recruitment process for maximum exposure.

Invitation to Present

Affiliate partners are invited to campus to present current activities to Rensselaer students and faculty as a way to engage prospective future employees and generate interest in joint research collaborations.

Input into Program Direction

Affiliate partners are invited to attend program-specific annual meetings where they receive updates about the work and direction of participating departments and are encouraged to offer feedback and suggestions for refinements and enhancements.

Year-round Engagement

Affiliate partners receive regular communications updates including copies of relevant reports and publications.

Research and Leadership Access

Affiliate partners are granted access to institute leadership and world-class researchers through participation in yearly symposia. Symposia expose affiliate members to the work of faculty, students, and other campus centers working on related areas of interest.


Beyond connecting with students, faculty, and campus leaders, affiliate partners are provided ample opportunities to engage in industry and cross-industry networking through on-campus events and meetings.

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