World-Class Faculty

Leading Students to Discover, Innovate, and Pursue Knowledge

The remarkable Rensselaer faculty enable the Institute to tackle the great global challenges related to food, water, and energy security; global and national security; human health, climate change, and the allocation of scarce natural resources.

Excellent faculty are at the core of what we do at Rensselaer. The faculty at Rensselaer, in each of the five schools, are members of a collaborative community of approximately 450 distinguished teacher-scholars, educating students in the classroom, and working with them in laboratories to pursue important research problems that seek to address the most significant global challenges of our time.

Growing our faculty to 500 members is an explicit goal of The Rensselaer Plan 2024. In strengthening our faculty across campus, we are mindful of our commitment to continue building a more diverse community, and of the extraordinary competition we face in recruiting first-rate faculty.

Ultimately, the success in growing the faculty will result directly from the generosity of donors.

You can support faculty through the Rensselaer Annual Fund or through the Rensselaer Endowment

We all need benefactors like John Broadbent and his family to build. And it’s an investment for them in the future but it’s also an investment in us and we feel that necessity to really perform at the top of our game, at the top of our act in order to deserve the funding that we get from people like John Broadbent and the other donors. Robert J. Linhardt, Ann and John H. Broadbent, Jr. ’59 Senior Constellation Professor in Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering

Faculty and students working alongside each other
Faculty members work directly with students – doing research, solving problems, and teaching.

Annual Fund

Support for faculty strengthens Rensselaer at its core. Gifts to the Annual Fund enable Rensselaer faculty to pursue individual research initiatives, or recruit additional graduate students to support their work, as well as enable both faculty and students access to conferences, travel, and other development opportunities that will enrich their Rensselaer experience.

Endowment is the highest honor a faculty can receive. And certainly I’m very humbled and honored to have that recognition from the Institute. But at the same time it’s kind of a responsibility. And again, I’m very grateful for the Institute, I’m very grateful to the Iovinos for making that possible. Tarek Hassan Abdoun, Ph.D. ’94, Judith and Thomas Iovino ’73 Career Development Professor in Civil Engineering

Endowment: Named Professorships and Constellations

Faculty and student look at samples
Rensselaer faculty receive prestigious honors such as the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development awards, and many are members of the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Sciences, and other eminent professional organizations.

Endowment for faculty is critical at all levels, in every school, and in each department – for the bright junior faculty member just making a mark in education and building exciting new research programs, to the more senior professors and internationally-renowned scholars working at the frontiers of research questing after new knowledge. Endowments are also critical in enabling the teacher-scholar whose dedication to innovation in the classroom ensures that fresh ideas are infused in the curriculum, and that new and exciting ways of delivering education enrich the student experience at Rensselaer.

  • Named professorships – in particular, fully endowed chairs – are the most effective means of ensuring that top scholars come to Rensselaer and stay here. A named professorship honors the faculty member who holds it, the donor who funded it, and the institution that brought them together. It provides the essential financial resources for creative research and innovative teaching, and it distinguishes the holder as a leader among peers, both on campus and in the broader academy.
  • Faculty Constellations are multidisciplinary teams of senior faculty, early career faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students. The constellation faculty features three or more outstanding stars in a particular research field. These research fields build upon existing core strengths in microelectronics and microsystems, advanced materials, nanotechnology, and advanced scientific computation, modeling and simulation. A constellation goes well beyond an investment in a single world-class faculty member. Taken together, constellations are a critical mass of outstanding faculty, who, in partnership with existing Rensselaer stars, will transform the Institute and lead it to its rightful place as an international leader among research universities. Learn more about specific faculty constellations.

Below are samples of dynamic faculty at Rensselaer, made possible through the support of the Rensselaer community.