Rensselaer Annual Fund

Our Students. Our Future.

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Rensselaer students expect the world to be radically transformed in their lifetimes, with the pace of change accelerating. Futurists tell us they will need to reinvent themselves in their careers. Like our alumni and alumnae before them, our students understand their lives will be full of surprises that will demand flexibility and dedication.

The Rensselaer community is committed to preparing this next generation for disruptions and opportunities, providing the capabilities, perspectives, communications skills, and values that will enable them to lead transformation, with understanding, daring, and judgment.

The Rensselaer Annual Fund helps to provide a world-class educational experience to our students, helping to prepare them to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century. Gifts to the Rensselaer Annual Fund are essential to this mission.

Support for Academic Excellence

The Rensselaer Annual Fund helps Rensselaer students:
  • Receive scholarships and competitive financial aid packages—more than 90 percent of Rensselaer students receive some sort of financial aid
  • Experience a world-class undergraduate education of undisputed intellectual rigor
  • Participate in award-winning student programming
  • Take part in undergraduate research and study abroad programs
  • Collaborate with our talented and dedicated faculty, and so much more

Investing in Our Future

It is more important than ever to support our students in order to meet the nation’s growing need for scientific and technical talent. Tuition covers just 75 percent of the cost of educating our students. Your gift makes up the difference between what families pay and the cost of the Rensselaer experience, and helps us invest in their future right now.

Where your Dollars Go



Please join us in supporting our students with your gift to the Rensselaer Annual Fund.